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Course creation

Creating an online, hybrid, or in-person course is a whole lot more than just telling the classroom what you know. There are lessons to plan, learning journeys to map, and so many moving parts to connect.

Let our team of content experts and professional course designers help, and take your instruction to the next level.

“My experience with working with the MIST team was beyond AMAZING!!!! I found the process efficient and very easy to follow. The team was very professional and patient. I loved the first call with Anthony so we could get clear on what I desired done. And he was so great with the follow up emails and correspondence on the deliverables. This was so great for me. What could be done better? I would say, really getting the message across early to new potential folks on the Hybrid course. Knowing how the MIST credits work really would have been great to know from the onset of the course. So that I was aware of how effective and efficient the credits could be used for my IT support. Than to wait till the end of the Hybrid course.”

Ursula Macheke van Graan,

African Kemetic Yoga™ Studio

“Working with the MIST team to take my course design from pilot to professional has been easy—such a load off of my shoulders. Everyone is professional, friendly, easy to work with, and delivers excellent and timely results. It makes moving ahead with my plans so much more efficient, and I know the outcome is going to have a level of professionalism it would take me years to achieve.

Kirstin Lund,

Collaboration School

Amanda sold out her brand-new course and has a waitlist for the next enrollment

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Yes, we can assist you in shaping your course from concept to content. Beginning with a collaborative discussion, we’ll outline a content strategy tailored to your course goals and target audience. Our team will then meticulously craft a detailed outline, breaking down the modules and lessons to create a structured curriculum. 

From there, we’ll develop engaging course materials, ensuring that each section of your course is informative and compelling. If visual enhancements are desired, our graphic design team can create visually appealing presentations and infographics. 

Throughout the process, you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback, ensuring that the course content aligns with your vision. Our commitment is to deliver a high-quality, effective course that meets your educational objectives and engages your audience effectively. 

Absolutely! Whether you have some pieces of your course ready or need assistance from start to finish, MIST is here to support you. Our team can seamlessly integrate the existing components of your course with new content, ensuring a cohesive and engaging learning experience. We offer end-to-end course development services, from creating content for missing sections to refining and branding instructional materials and handouts.

Certainly! If you have an existing course and envision improvements, MIST offers a comprehensive course audit service. Our team will conduct a thorough review of your current course, examining aspects such as content structure, engagement levels, clarity, and overall effectiveness. 

Through this audit, we aim to identify areas for enhancement and optimization. We’ll provide actionable insights and recommendations to elevate your course, ensuring it aligns with best practices in instructional design and meets the expectations of your learners. The course audit process allows us to collaborate with you in refining the existing content, making it more impactful, engaging, and aligned with your goals.

Of course! Once your course is completed, we offer comprehensive marketing services to ensure its success. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a strategic marketing plan, considering your target audience, competition, and unique selling points. Our team will create engaging promotional content for various channels, including sales pages, email campaigns, and social media posts to generate interest and drive enrollment. 

We aim to maximize the visibility of your course and attract a broader audience, ensuring that your course receives the attention it deserves and reaches its full potential in the market. 


Yes, we’d love to help you transition your course. 

Our team will carefully analyze your existing course structure and content, developing a comprehensive plan to digitize the material. We’ll convert your course content into digital formats suitable for online platforms, such as downloadable workbooks, audio lessons, and course videos, ensuring a streamlined, interactive learning experience. Our goal is to make your course accessible online, providing flexibility and a broader reach. We’ll guide you through every step of the process.

Let’s work together to make your course project happen! 🪄✨